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Energetic Spine Straightening with Christ Consciousness

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When it comes to the question of who brought energetic straightening into being, the answers are very controversial. Some peoples used to tap along the spine from top to bottom, others danced around the client and asked the gods to heal the.

Nowadays people talk about bad posture, sitting for a long time, heavy carrying, age problems and co. In the spiritual energetic field one would say that blockages are present, which have arisen in humans or also animals in the course of the years by traumas, stress, fears, shock or the like. have arisen.

As the key to well-being on a psychological and physical level, the spine with its gross and subtle structure is a central point. On the subtle level, the spine acts as a memory storage place, a silent witness, so to speak, to conflicts that have not been resolved.

Silent until attention is shown by showing pain.

Our chakras (small energy vortices in our body), glands and organs are connected to our spine.

Of course, active cooperation is beneficial. How the active cooperation could look like, you can see in the list below:

- Self appreciation

- Seeing challenges as an opportunity for development

- Balanced diet

- Exercise

- Meditation

- Yoga

- Positive thoughts, because what you think today, you will be tomorrow.

- Exercise in the fresh air

- Letting go of old burdens.


A very detailed presentation, with the assignment of the organs / chakras / complaints to the individual vertebrae, you will find, among other things, on the page of dear Thomas Zudrell. :

Spine/Organ Connections Chart/Poster <- <- Please click here <-<-


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